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Media Releases

FEDSAS requests sufficient consultation with role-players before implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education
05/12/2019 - FEDSAS
The Department of Basic Education has acknowledged that sufficient consultation with role-players did not take place with regard to the content of new lesson plans and educator guides for the controversial suggested plan for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. The Department acknowledged this at a regular meeting with school governing body organisations.
The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS) requested that this issue be discussed at the meeting.
“We have received a range of complaints about and criticism of the CSE from our FEDSAS members. We have therefore requested that the implementation of any new plans and content be placed on hold until the consultation process has been completed,” says Mr Paul Colditz, CEO of FEDSAS. Colditz says the Department of Basic Education has undertaken to communicate FEDSAS’ request to decision-makers. The organisation now awaits further information from the Department regarding the implementation of the proposed consultation process.

“In the meantime FEDSAS will invite a panel of experts to provide informed advice regarding the content of the lesson plans and educator guides before the proposed consultation process starts.”
Colditz says it is important that sex education in schools is approached with great care and consideration. “The educational aspect should not be lost in the composition and presentation of the choice of content. It is therefore vitally important to gain insights from experts.”