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Media Releases

FEDSAS’ vision of future ‘prophetic’, says CEO at AGM
24/11/2020 - FEDSAS
Building FEDSAS’ strategic goals for 2020 around technology has proven to be prophetic At the beginning of this year the organisation set as its aim to be the most important innovator that used available technology to its maximum value for internal
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‘This year we appreciate teachers more than ever,’ says FEDSAS in celebration of World Teachers’ Day
01/10/2020 - FEDSAS
Rarely before has the value of a single profession been highlighted so acutely as that of the teacher during the Covid-19 pandemic With millions of children world-wide suddenly dependent on home-schooling many teachers and guardians experienced first-hand
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It was only a speech ... and that should concern us by Dr Jaco Deacon
27/07/2020 - FEDSAS
Yes there is a worldwide pandemic Yes a national disaster has been announced But should this infringe on our constitutional rights? Dr Jaco Deacon Deputy CEO of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools FEDSAS says ordinary South Africans
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More questions than answers, says FEDSAS following announcement that public schools will close again
27/07/2020 - FEDSAS
Public schools were left with more questions than answers following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that schools will close on Monday 27 July 2020 for a period of four weeks The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools FEDSAS
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FEDSAS requests answers from Department of Basic Education about provision of PPEs, including masks, to schools
30/04/2020 - FEDSAS
Contradicting messages about the provision of masks to schools are adding to what is already an almost impossible situation In the presentation to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on the reopening of schools the Department of Basic Education indicated
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FEDSAS concerned over confusion around dates for reopening of schools
29/04/2020 - FEDSAS
Today’s presentation about the reopening of schools to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee has apparently caused great consternation The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools FEDSAS says it is specifically the slide on which
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SGB by-elections: FEDSAS provides support to newly-elected governing body members
27/02/2020 - FEDSAS
By-elections to fill vacancies in school governing bodies are currently underway at a number of public schools in South Africa It is important to the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools FEDSAS to support these newly-elected SGB members
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FEDSAS makes information accessible through language and technology to celebrate International Mother Language Day
21/02/2020 - FEDSAS
With International Mother Language Day being celebrated this Friday 21 February 2020 it is fitting that the Federation of Governing Bodies of South Africa FEDSAS is launching the Afrikaans edition of the updated publication Governance in public schools
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