Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

FEDSAS will be governed by the following code of ethics: 


1.1  All business will be conducted in a manner that complies with the law of South Africa.
 1.2  Zero tolerance will be displayed towards bribery, corruption or dishonest business practices.
 1.3  All members will conduct themselves in a manner that will not compromise the interest of the organisation.
 1.4  Members will not engage in activities that will be in conflict with the interest of the organisation.
 1.5  Members will not engage in transactions with a view to benefiting themselves. 


FEDSAS will ensure the development and implementation of a governance framework that ensures timely and accurate disclosure on all material matters regarding the organisation, including the financial situation, performance and governance of the organisation. 


We recognize our responsibility towards the community within which we operate, which includes the sustainable development of governing bodies and promotion of those previously disadvantaged. 


All employees will be treated with dignity and respect and their interests will be promoted by ensuring the adoption of policies to recognize and protect the rights of all employees. These policies will include the following: 

4.1  Non-discrimination
 4.2  Employment equity
 4.3  Training and development
 4.4  Retrenchment
 4.5  Leave


FEDSAS will ensure that all members are treated with dignity and respect. All members will receive the same quality of service irrespective of any primary or secondary diversity indicators.

We will place our members first. This means: 

5.1         We will listen to and take account of what our members say about the services we offer.
 5.2         We will treat all members with respect and consideration.
 5.3         We will provide our members with services of the highest standards and quality.
 5.4         We will respond when our delivery falls short of our promises.


FEDSAS will put mechanisms in place to ensure that members are consulted about quality and relevance of services they receive. The National Council and all Provincial Councils must enter into regular consultation with members on: 

6.1  Services currently provided
 6.2  Provision of new services.

Consultation must cover the entire range of existing and potential members and must include the views of those who have previously been denied these services.

Results of these consultations must be reported to the National Council on a regular basis. 


 FEDSAS will ensure that all members are informed of the availability of services they can expect to receive from FEDSAS.


 FEDSAS will ensure that all members have equal access to our services.


 FEDSAS undertakes to treat all members and the broad community with courtesy and consideration.


 FEDSAS will ensure that all members have access to detailed information on the services that we provide.


 FEDSAS will create a culture of transparency in respect of all members regarding our structure, governing principles and income and expenditure.


 All complaints by members in any respect regarding our service delivery will be dealt with immediately in a professional, transparent and efficient manner to promote a positive attitude towards FEDSAS.


 FEDSAS will endeavour to provide our services as economically as possible in order to give members the best possible value for money.


 FEDSAS pledges to uphold respect for fundamental rights and human dignity.


 FEDSAS will develop processes and methodologies to ensure accountability to all stakeholders (members and donors).

Indicators for accountability will include the following:

 15.1      Degree of transparency
 15.2      Degree of member engagement
 15.3      Service delivery
 15.4      Levels of monitoring, measuring and verifying performance. 


 Members of FEDSAS will comply with the Constitution of FEDSAS and all its policies.

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