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FEDSAS is the national representative organisation for governing bodies that informs, organises, mobilises and equips its members to achieve and uphold the highest recognised international education standards.

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Legal Opinions : Business of governing bodies

  • Acquiring Learning Materials and Equipment
  • Alcohol at School Activities
  • Aspects Concerning Admission Policy
  • Attachment Orders and Cost Orders Against Public Schools: Implications of Moodley v Kenmont School
  • Checklist for Learner Admissions
  • Electronic Meetings, Electronic Decisions and Electronic Signatures
  • Erecting Cellphone Masts on School Grounds
  • Fundraising Events - What Schools May and May Not Do
  • GAUTENG Guidelines for Dealing with Applications for Admission with a View to 2017
  • General and Allocated Functions of Governing Bodies
  • Governance in Public Schools: A guide to the Application of the King Principles in Public Schools.
  • Guidelines for the Practical Implications of the Religion Court Case for School Governing Bodies
  • Host Functions of Public Schools
  • Implications of Centre for Child Law and Others v Minister of Basic Education and Others (2840/2017) [2019] ZAECGHC (12 Dec 2019)
  • Implications of the Constitutional Court judgement in FEDSAS v MEC, Gauteng
  • Implications of the Ermelo Judgement
  • Implications of the Religion Court Case for School Governing Bodies
  • Language Policy in Public Schools
  • Naming and Renaming of Schools, and the Choice of a School Motto and Emblem
  • Payments to Unions on behalf of Educators
  • Providing Education to Foreigners.
  • The Administration of Admissions
  • The Duties of the School Governing Body
  • The Role and Duties of the Chairperson of a School Governing Body
  • The Role and Duties of the Secretary of a School Governing Body
  • The Role and Duties of the Treasurer, Finance Officer and Accounting Officer
  • The Status and Role of a School Management Team (SMT) in Public Schools
  • Withdrawal of Section 21 Functions
  • Withdrawal of Section 21(1)(a) and (1)(c) Functions

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