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Legal Opinions : Risk management and accountability

  • Accountability Towards a Learner During Supervision Before and After School Hours
  • Administering Medicine and Medical Treatment at Public Schools
  • Applicability of the Promotion of Information Act 2000 (as amended) (“PAIA”) to public schools
  • Copyright
  • Explanatory Note on Circular M2 of 2019
  • Gauteng Self-inspection School Activity Safety Checklist
  • Guidelines on the Implications of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2 of 2010 (SASREA) for public schools
  • Indemnity or Waiver of Claim by Parent
  • Insurance Public Schools` Rights and Obligations
  • Liability for Cost Incurred in Respect of Emergency Medical Treatment for Learners
  • Mental Health and Trauma Exposure in School Communities
  • Music Copyright in the School Setting
  • Navigating Defamation on Social Networking Sites, and Dealing with Harmful Online Comments and Complaints Relating to the School
  • Opinion on the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and Schools
  • Parktown Boys' High Incident 2020 – LESSONS LEARNED
  • Providing False and Misleading Information
  • Public Schools and The Promotion of Access to Information Act (HRC Letter)
  • Public Schools' Liability for Contractual Damages
  • Repographic Reproduction of Copyright Material for Educational Purposes
  • Risk Management Planning Guidelines
  • Road Transportation Opinion
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • School Safety Audit Checklist
  • Schools` Legal Duty of Care
  • Schools’ Obligation in respect of Obtaining Professional Driving Permits
  • Self-Inspection School Activity Safety Checklist
  • The Duty of the School Principal and School Governing Body with Regard to the National Child Protection Register and the National Register for Sex Offenders
  • The Legal Aspects Regarding Trainee Teachers
  • The Legality of Recordings in Public Schools
  • The School Safety Diagnostic Tool
  • The Scope and Effect of Section 60 of the SA Schools Act
  • The Scope and Effect of Section 60 of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996

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