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19 Mar 2024 16:00 - 17:00

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R 0,00

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English / Engels


Online / Aanlyn

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Marlee Steyn - marlee@fedsas.org.za

Cultivating tomorrow's leaders: SGB induction training (English) FEDSAS Induction 2 of 2024

Join us for the kick-off of this year's SGB training program with our enlightening induction session. 

As Prof Deon Rossouw from the Ethics Institute eloquently puts it, "Governance is all about preventing good people from doing stupid things." 

This sets the stage for a transformative journey through five crucial areas, exploring the essential functions of a Governing Body, the intersection of Discipline, values, and ethics in schools, effective Human Resource Management, and Financial Management. We'll also shine a spotlight on our emerging young leaders, the RCL, and their pivotal role on the SGB. 

Today's focus is on the universal significance of governance within the school environment, emphasizing that while each school has its unique traits, the Schools Act and principles of good governance remain universally applicable. 

Don't miss the beginning of a profound leadership development experience!

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