FEDSAS requests Gauteng Education Department to act urgently to solve problems with e-platform for school applications

07/05/2019 - Fedsas

Technical issues with the e-platform used in Gauteng for applications for admission to schools could have an impact on enrolments for next year.
The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS) participated in a test-run to check on the functioning of the e-platform. “During this test-run it became clear that the structure and functioning of the platform is not in line with the stipulations of amongst others the Schools’ Act. Especially around feeder zones for schools there are problems that result in not all the available schools in the immediate vicinity of an applicant being listed properly,” says Dr Jaco Deacon, Deputy CEO of FEDSAS.
Deacon says FEDSAS has already informed the Department of these issues. “FEDSAS has requested the Department to provide feedback today (7 May 2019) and to provide solutions to these problems. Another test-run is necessary before the platform goes live on 13 May. Since the e-platform is the only way in which parents in Gauteng can apply for admission it is vitally important that the platform functions correctly and within the stipulations of legislation and regulations.” Deacon says should the problems not be solved in time FEDSAS will request the Department to delay the opening of applications with one week.
FEDSAS has also requested its members to inform parents about the situation to create awareness about possible problems. “This issue pertains to all parents who want to enrol their children in schools in Gauteng for next year. Compilation and presentation of choices are in some instances completely impractical and in other instances simply not user-friendly.”
FEDSAS is also urging parents and other role-players to visit its website at to download an information piece as well as other documentation to enable parents to lodge a complaint should an application be unsuccessful as a result of technical issues with the e-platform.
“For FEDSAS the best interest of the children is always first and foremost. The organisation’s legal expertise is available to the Department. At the same time it is also our responsibility to keep governing bodies and parents abreast of what is happening and to enable parents to bring to the attention of decision-makers instances where application procedures were not followed for whatever reason.”

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