FEDSAS distribution partner for 500 books to 120 South African schools to improve online safety in education

22/07/2022 - Fedsas

Rianette Leibowitz, Cyber Wellness thought leader, digital parenting expert, and founder of SaveTNet Cyber Safety, has partnered with internet service provider WonderNet to empower 120 South African schools by gifting each a share of 500 copies of the Afrikaans version of her book, Raising a Screen Savvy Child.
The aim of this initiative is to enable teachers to understand cyber safety better and encourage them to have classroom discussions about the 50 chapters covering topics on safe online gaming, managing the risks presented by social media apps, grooming, human trafficking, cyberbullying, and managing screen time.

“Educators are challenged by the way social media, gaming, and the selfie-driven culture of learners are influencing their behaviour and schoolwork. Teachers have the opportunity to weave cyber safety messages into their lessons and, through the teachers at these 120 schools, we can help over 60,000 learners to discover how to take charge of their digital habits,” says Leibowitz.

“WonderNet embarked on a journey with Rianette and launched the #CyberSmart Hub in 2021 to empower our customers and wider audience by sharing cyber wellness content. Together with the presentations Rianette has done at schools around South Africa, we want to create long-term impact by giving teachers a valuable tool to learn from, using Rianette’s book as a springboard to raise awareness about cyber safety and encourage digital literacy,” added Gareth Hughes, National Channel Sales Manager for WonderNet.

The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS) came on board as the distribution partner. “Collaboration is needed to bring about digital literacy and, through our long-standing relationship with Rianette and SaveTNet, we bring these benefits to our members,” said Riaan van der Bergh, Education Technology Manager at the FEDSAS Centre for Technology.  

“We need to raise a generation of responsible digital citizens who have a deeper understanding of their self-worth and value. This could lead to future generations with healthier digital habits. By working with like-minded partners and cyber-savvy parents I feel optimistic about the ripple effect we can cause now for future generations,” concluded Leibowitz.

While this is just a drop in the ocean of schools to be reached, it is a starting point and an invitation for more role players to become involved. Interested companies can contact Leibowitz at to play an active role. Leibowitz is a Brand South Africa PLAY YOUR PART ambassador and hopes that this project will inspire more citizens to play their part in a positive way.

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