FEDSAS welcomes respected George Moroasui as National Development Officer

09/06/2023 - Fedsas

With the right people you can achieve any goal. This approach has long been the winning recipe behind the success of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS).


“With the appointment of George Moroasui as National Development Officer we are further strengthening the FEDSAS team with a respected and renowned expert in South African education,” says Dr Jaco Deacon, CEO of FEDSAS.


“It is a huge investment in human capital, which is an asset that we value very much at FEDSAS. Apart from his professional value, George is fluent in nine of our 11 official languages. Multilingualism is one of the skills necessary to ensure that FEDSAS, and basically any organisation in South Africa, contribute to a more cohesive society.”

“As National Development Officer I will focus on training and to expand and make accessible FEDSAS’s already impressive training portfolio to as many school governing bodies as possible,” says Moroasui. “One of my first big projects is of course next year’s school governing body elections, and more specifically FEDSAS’s SGB training for newly-elected governing bodies. One of FEDSAS’s goals is to extend training to member schools with indigenous languages as language of education,” says Moroasui.

Moroasui is an admitted attorney with more than 15 years’ experience in senior management positions at the South African Council of Educators. His most recent position was that of Manager of Legal Matters and Ethics. He has proven experience in consultation and litigation services to municipal, provincial and state departments, he is an expert on corporate management issues and was involved in academia as a lecturer.

“FEDSAS will benefit from George’s extensive experience and expertise. The fact that he agreed to join the FEDSAS team is confirmation of the respect that the organisation enjoys in education circles,” says Deacon. “FEDSAS is already the leader in school governance in South Africa and enjoys international recognition. An organisation is only as good as it’s people and FEDSAS views this as a challenge to involve only the best education experts in the team. In this way we not only ensure that we deliver quality services to our member schools, but we also open ourselves to new points of view and new ways of doing.”

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