It starts with a green ribbon: FEDSAS involved with several projects as part of Child Protection Week

27/05/2021 - Fedsas

‘From a simple act like wearing a green ribbon to a large international project to enhance children’s online safety. These are some of the campaigns that FEDSAS is involved with as part of National Child Protection Week (30 May – 6 June).


“Too often children are in the news as a result of tragic incidents that threaten their well-being and often their life. Physical safety, cyber safety, bullying, domestic violence, and the health of our learners remain serious challenges,” says Dr. Jaco Deacon, Deputy CEO of FEDSAS (the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools). Deacon says FEDSAS’ approach to the promotion of child safety rests on awareness and equipping school communities.


“This year we are challenging school communities to paint South Africa green during Child Protection Week. Children, parents, guardians, teachers, everyone involved with children or a school community are challenged to wear a green ribbon next week.”


Deacon says the aim of the ribbon is to get people talking. “By simply answering that you are supporting Child Protection Week you are planting a seed for further awareness and discussion.” Schools can also plan their own projects to increase awareness. Education and schools are after all focused on our children!

Two free webinars also form part of the FEDSAS campaign: 

  • On 2 June 2021 popular singer, Jo Black is participating in a webinar. The focus is on Black’s Everyday Heroes campaign as well as an app that allows children to report bullying in a protected manner.
  • On 3 June 2021, FEDSAS is hosting a webinar on the international campaign #share2protect. FEDSAS, Be In Touch, an organisation that focuses on the digital well-being of families, and Media Monitoring Africa are combining efforts with Yoti, a British platform that develops software to improve online identity verification in order to provide children with better protection online. Participation in this project also provides schools with a fundraising opportunity. Schools can earn up to R20 000 and help to keep our children safe online.

“FEDSAS also supports the Department of Social Development’s initiatives during Child Protection Week, which include access to helplines and social workers,” says Deacon. FEDSAS’ vision is quality education in schools. “This is only possible when children are safe. It is the duty of adults to see to it that we are equipped to protect our children and this is why FEDSAS is supporting or is involved with these campaigns and initiatives.”

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