Jaco Deacon comments on SGB officials and staff in the Western Cape caught dipping into school funds

25/08/2021 - Fedsas

IOL (Independent Online) reports that  Federation of Governing Bodies of SA Schools (Fedsas) acting chief executive Jaco Deacon said it was shocking that adults would steal from children – that was the effect of poor management or corruption in education. Deacon said the SGBs must have checks and balances in place to govern properly, and even more so for financial management. “The financial committee should play an active role in this oversight and it should never happen that the principal and chairperson is in control. Parents have a voice and they should attend the annual general meetings, and scrutinise the budget before approving it – ask the difficult questions and demand answers,” he said. Deacon said the SGBs must submit annual audited financial statements to the department – what are the officials doing with this? Deacon said that the department should have knowledgeable people that can assess and raise red flag issues.  Click here to read the full report.

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