Covid-19 Resources

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Covid-19 Resources

The Covid-19 pandemic forced educators, parents and learners to be creative and innovative. FEDSAS supports the preservation and promotion of a culture of excellence in teaching, education and service delivery, even when the normal trend does not currently apply. 

This Covid-19 information and resource page provides free access to important information. It takes the format of a shared drive in Google where users can access documents, resources, videos, and links to other sites. This drive is open for the public and you don't have to sign in. This resource centre for educators, learners and parents will avail information in various formats - all to assist our education community during these challenging conditions. 

Click on the image below to access this drive and navigate through the folders to view all the available resources. Remember to check in regularly because additional resources will be added as needed. Also keep an eye on our social media for communication on the available resources.

We have also created a special Covid-19 Smalls page where suppliers can advertise their services. FEDSAS members will get 10% discount on these products. Please visit the Smalls page by clicking HERE.


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