Technology Forum Groups

06/11/2020 - Fedsas

At the Digital Citizenship seminars in 2015, most of you indicated that you would like to have further in-depth conversations about your unique technology circumstances. The programme compiled by FEDSAS for this purpose consists of three main options, from which you are free to choose the most applicable session(s) for your needs. Some of the options include workshops focussing on your own requirements and unique circumstances. Your school may also wish to send more than one person to respectively attend the various options or option combos.
The following topics will be discussed:

  • Technology planning and leadership
  • Adopting technology in schools (a blueprint and roadmap for your technology plan) – for persons/schools who missed out on the series in 2015
  • Infrastructure
  • Administration, communication and finance
  • Classroom technology – SMART 

Please visit the following link for a complete breakdown of the program as well as to register for the event:
We can accommodate only 20 people per session. Cost: R150 per person.

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