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FEDSAS is the national representative organisation
for governing bodies of South African schools.


Honest, transparent, credible and respectful

FEDSAS is the national representative organisation for governing bodies. FEDSAS informs, organises, mobilises and equips its members to achieve and uphold the highest recognised international education standards.

FEDSAS focuses on the development of capable school governing bodies of public, independent, and ECD schools. FEDSAS is the leader in school governance and school management. The organisation was established in 1993 and over the past three decades has grown into one of the most respected role-players in South African education.

Our Core Values

At FEDSAS we commit ourselves to uphold and promote the following core values:

01. Excellence

To deliver uncompromising quality service and to always search for better ways of doing things through our commitment to constant improvement in both our personal and professional lives.

02. Integrity

To be honest, transparent, credible and respectful, building on our differences in all our internal and external interactions.

03. Passion

To demonstrate enthusiasm, devotion, intensity, tenacity and to commit totally to everything that we undertake.

04. Accountability

To accept responsibility for our actions and to action what we commit to.

05. Relationships

To be the best and most rewarding place to work - we're the FEDSAS family.

What do we stand for?

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FEDSAS believes in maximum autonomy for governing bodies and therefore we strive to expand the rights and powers of governing bodies. FEDSAS supports and promotes the rights and powers of governing bodies as described in the South African Schools’ Act, including language and admissions policies.

FEDSAS supports the principle that governing bodies play an important role in creating opportunities for all learners to enable them to reach their full potential. FEDSAS supports the preservation and promotion of a culture of excellence in teaching, education and service delivery.

FEDSAS is continuously striving to establish and build healthy relationships with all stakeholders in education in order to serve the best interests of learners.

What can we do for you?

FEDSAS is the most representative mouthpiece for school governing bodies in the country. We comment on draft legislation and education policy, which means that our members’ interests are represented at the highest level. FEDSAS has been a recognised opinion leader and role-player in public education at national and provincial level for more than 25 years.

FEDSAS has established national and provincial structures to provide a service to all our members across the country. FEDSAS has already won several leading court cases and we have full-time education law specialists to support members in exercising their rights, including cases of unlawful interference in governance of school matters. FEDSAS assists governing bodies across the entire spectrum of school governance, including staff appointments, labour relations, strategic planning and financial management.

FEDSAS has sound experience of education issues. As an active, dynamic organisation, we stay informed about changes and restructuring in education and we can advise our members accordingly.

FEDSAS is a democratic, non-political organisation and members elect their leaders annually.

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