FEDSAS is the national representative organisation for governing bodies of South African schools.

Charter for Human Resources and Compensation Committee

1.  Composition 

The Remuneration Committee (hereinafter ‘the Committee’) is an official committee of the National Council, and consists of four members, namely:one National Council representative, who shall serve as chairperson;

the Deputy Chief Executive; and

two other, non-executive members appointed by the National Council.The National Chairperson and Chief Executive shall be entitled to seats on the Committee at all times. 

2.  Secretariat 

The National Office will provide secretarial support to the Committee. 

3.  Terms of reference, and delegations 

The functions of the Committee are as follows:

  • To make recommendations to the National Council regarding the remuneration of the Chief Executive
  • To make recommendations to the National Council regarding the remuneration of office bearers
  • To draft all human resource policies, and submit these to the National Council for approval
  • To make recommendations to the National Council regarding staff salary scales, salary adjustments and conditions of service, and to oversee the implementation thereof
  • To approve staff appointments
  • To make recommendations on succession planning with regard to members of the National Council
  • To report to the National Council on performance management of provincial managers
  • To perform all other functions that may be delegated to it by the National Council from time to time

4.  Meetings 

4.1  The chairperson shall convene all meetings of the Committee.

4.2  The Committee meets as required, but at least once a year.

4.3  Except in extraordinary and urgent circumstances, notices of meetings containing the time, date and venue as well as agenda items of the meeting shall be provided to all members of the Committee at least four (4) days prior to meetings.

4.4  Any two non-executive members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for Committee meetings. 

5. Procedure 

5.1 The procedure for Committee proceedings shall be determined by the Committee itself, and shall otherwise be in accordance with the FEDSAS constitution and normal meeting procedures.

5.2 The Committee secretary shall minute all Committee proceedings. With the approval of the Committee chairperson, any National Council member shall be entitled to a copy of such minutes.

5.3 All minutes of the Committee shall be submitted to the National Council. 

6.  General 

6.1 In performing its functions in terms of this charter, the Committee shall be entitled to obtain such professional or other external advice as it may deem necessary.

6.2 The National Council shall see to it that the Committee has access to professional advice from both inside and outside FEDSAS in order to enable the Committee to perform its functions.

6.3 The National Council may, at its discretion, amend this charter from time to time.

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